The grass season is nearly upon us, we are just patiently waiting for the rain to stop and the sun to come out before we can get out training for the 2023 season. In the meantime, we have Lockskinners West, the All Weather Arena and Track open Tuesday to Friday’s 4pm-7pm and Saturday to Sunday’s 8am-6pm to keep the horses fit. The All Weather Track adjoining the 60x30m Arena has been a huge success since its opening in November 2022. Keeping horses fit over the winter months can be very tricky, the All Weather Track has proven to be invaluable for keeping fit whatever the weather. The added water splash, brush fence and steps has allowed riders to continue to grow their Cross Country confidence over the winter months. Lockskinners West is open all year round, so if the summer is hot and the ground gets hard, training can still go ahead on the All Weather Arena and Track.

At the start of 2023 we began our Confidence giving events which have been well attended, with riders leaving more confident than when they began. Tiny Tots for under 12’s, Nervous Neddie’s for nervous horses and Brave Pants for nervous over 12’s. We are thrilled to be hosting many of these over the year so do take a look at our Events page to find dates and details.

We look forward to starting our ODE Training Day events on our Combination Training Field this spring. Dressage on grass without a judge, practise a test which you have coming up in your next event. Show Jumping round on grass a course of 12 fences. For Cross Country training you can either opt to school round our South Cross Country course, 80cm to 135cm or jump round a course of 12 Working Hunter fences which simulate jumps found on the Cross Country course.

For 2023 we are delighted to be able to hold our schooling prices for another year, even with the rising costs to maintain the facilities. We pride ourselves in being excellent value for the equestrian community.

2023 Price List

Lockskinners North

Obstacle Pen – £10 per horse, per hour – Maximum 2 horses per hour slot.

North Cross Country – £25 per horse, per hour

Lockskinners South

Challenge Zone – £10 per horse, per hour – Maximum 2 horses per hour slot.

South Cross Country – £25 per horse, per hour.

Combination Training Field – £25 per horse, per hour – Maximum 3 horses per hour slot.

Lockskinners West

All Weather Arena and Track – £30 up to 2 horses per hour, £15 per horse thereafter – maximum 4 horses per hour. Private bookings only.

We look forward to welcoming you onto the grass facilities very soon and look forward to watching you progress with your horses at Lockskinners this year. Remember to tag us in your social media posts and #TrainedatLockskinners.

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