Lockskinners XC North

Lockskinners XC North


  • 40 acres of open pasture and woodland
  • 161 fences
  • 40cm – 100cm
  • Introduction course
  • Entrance A
  • 1 hour booking slots – Arrive with plenty of time to be mounted for allotted hour. 
  • Open 6 days a week 8am-8pm
  • Closed for maintenance on Tuesdays 


Instructors field, a wide open space flooded with inviting fences, the perfect introduction to all aspects of cross country riding. Woodlands littered with fun rustic fences, ideal practise for hacking, hunting and cross country.

(Entrance A) North TN8 7ND ( get directions)

Entrance A
North Cross Country & Obstacle Pen
TN8 7ND ( get directions)

Entrance B
South Cross Country, Challenge Zone & Combination Training Field
TN8 7NA ( get directions)

Entrance C
Lockskinners West: All-Weather Arena, Canter Track & Pen
TN8 7NA ( get directions)