Terms & Conditions

We want everyone to have a great time, but please be aware that you are responsible for your own safety. We do not accept liability for any accidents, injury, illness, loss or damage to you, your horse, your vehicle, your companions or your belongings whatsoever or however caused.

Please ensure you carefully read this disclaimer.


You must respect social distancing at all times – you are coming to use the facilities and then you must leave. Please adhere to current pandemic guidelines and avoid groups of more than six.

For our part, we have undertaken a thorough risk assessment and put in place measures to enable us to operate within the strict social distancing framework and fulfil the necessary hygiene and biosecurity requirements. Thank you for your continued support through this challenging time.

We will be operating with restricted numbers and completely in accordance with the UK government and Equestrian Team GBR’s guidelines.

  • All bookings to be made through the website and paid in advance on line. There is no need to sign in on the course.
  • This facility has adopted biosecurity measures in line with UK Government advice.
  • You may only exercise in groups of no more than SIX unless you are exclusively with members of your own household. Please observe social distancing. This includes coaches/instructors.
  • You must be familiar with the horse or pony you are riding and jump within your own and its ability. Do not bring a horse or pony you have never ridden before.
  • Your coach/instructor can travel to you for individual one-to-one lessons in an outdoor setting.
  • Anyone who travels with you must be from your household only. Please do not bring spectators or additional family members who are not riding.
  • Numbers and time allowed will be restricted to ONE hour. Please be mounted and ready to ride at the start of your booked time.
  • Well behaved dogs ONLY allowed and must be kept on a lead at all times. Dog mess must be picked up and taken home.
  • Do not climb on or touch the jumps/obstacles unnecessarily.
  • Do not leave horses tied to the side of lorries or trailers. Please tack up in your lorry/trailer.
  • Strictly NO access to Lockskinners Yard. Please ensure you arrive on time to make a prompt start on the course. If you are running late for whatever reason DO let us know and we can assess whether or not you can start late. You will not be welcome on site if you have any of the symptoms or have been around anyone with COVID-19 symptoms.

Please respect the above regulations and take them seriously, non-compliance will force us to ask you to leave.

General Terms & Conditions / Disclaimer

  1. We reserve the right to refuse entry to Lockskinners Cross Country courses.
  2. We reserve the right to refuse any booking.
  3. We reserve the right to close the cross-country courses and the grass arenas at short notice should ground conditions or weather dictate. A full refund will be given.
  4. You fully accept that you will ride the course and use the jumps at entirely your own risk and that your horse, and companions on foot, are your responsibility.
  5. All visitors agree to pay in advance via the online booking system.
  6. Placing a booking implies acceptance of this disclaimer/terms and conditions of hire of facilities.
  7. Your online payment goes direct to our bank account through a secure payment service provider.
  8. Online payments will receive a confirmation of payment by email within five minutes of making the payment. If you do not receive an email please contact us, having first checked your spam file.
  9. All transactions and online payments are made in GBP £ Pound Sterling.
  10. You must have your own appropriate personal and public liability insurance and be suitably skilled to jump fixed fences.
  11. You must walk the course on foot initially to familiarise yourself with the current ground conditions and to make yourself aware of any ditches, drains, or other obstacles and will do this every time you visit, prior to using the course. Any debris or dropped belongings found, should be placed in the hut.
  12. When mounted, all riders are advised to wear a body protector and must wear a riding hat, correctly fastened and with no fixed peak, conforming to the current approved standard. Riders should have full control of their horse at all times and be appropriately skilled to ride safely across fixed cross-country jumps.
  13. Riders should be accompanied by at least one person carrying a mobile phone in case of emergency.
  14. All persons under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult at all times.
  15. Any areas on site that are roped off are out of bounds for your safety.
  16. Only flagged fences are to be jumped, with the red flag on the right, white flag on the left – NOT the other way around.
  17. If you damage a fence, or find a fence is damaged upon prior inspection, please use the flags to cross off the fence like so: and call or text 07495 683289 immediately, so we can organise the repairs.
  18. If you find a fence crossed off, please do not move the flags. The fence will be crossed off for your safety.
  19. Do not move the show jump or working hunter course wings and leave the jumps as you found them (height 60cm) and do not leave poles on the ground. The poles are not to be used for grid-work in the dressage arena.
  20. Children should be supervised at all times. No climbing on jumps at any time.
  21. Dogs must be kept on leads at ALL times, you must clear up after your dog and take it home with you.
  22. Please be considerate of other horses and riders. Only one horse per fence at a time. If riding in groups or pairs, horses should follow one after the other, NOT two abreast.
  23. Only tackle fences that are within you and your horse’s capability.
  24. Please report any problems or damage to us immediately on 07495-683289 so that we can keep the course safe and up to its current high standard.
  25. Please park sensibly and where signposted particularly when wet.
  26. Please ensure that you park in the mown and marked spaces and that the area around your transport is clean and tidy. Please tidy and take away any droppings and hay.
  27. Lorry park checks are carried out regularly throughout the day, so please don’t run the risk of being asked to leave due to non-payment.
  28. Refunds and cancellations. You can amend your booking up until ONE hour before for the cross country courses, but the monetary value of your cancellation will be credited to your account rather than refunded. This is to avoid passing on charges from our payment provider when they refund an account because of a cancellation. The credit will be eligible to use for six months from the date of cancellation. Cancellations due to unreasonable weather conditions (snow, ice, thick fog, excessive wind, or driving rain) on the day of the booking will receive a full credit refund.


  1. Riders will have full control of their horse at all times and be appropriately skilled to ride the course as a lone rider.
  2. You are only allowed 3 refusals at one fence before having to move on to the next fence on the course.
  3. You are only allowed to have 3 refusals at 3 fences before retiring subject to horse and rider safety.
  4. Refusal= stop, run out, circle.
  5. No excessive use of whips or spurs. Riders doing so will be asked to retire immediately and asked to leave the site with no refund.

I understand that by agreeing to these terms and conditions / Disclaimer they become the basis of a contract between myself and Lockskinners Cross Country Course and that it will remain in place at all times. I will inform Lockskinners Cross Country Course of any amendments to my personal details before entering the course. I confirm I am happy to accept the rules stated above and to abide by them at all times when on Lockskinners Cross Country Course. I acknowledge that my failure to comply will result in me being asked to leave.